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THE FIRST TRIMESTER – my pregnancy

After spending 10 years working with pregnant women and their babies it is finally my turn to be the other side of this relationship. Dr Michele Omen will be looking after me during my pregnancy and I am really looking forward to someone nurturing my baby and I.


Websters Technique

Chiropractors use several techniques during pregnancy, one of the most well known being Websters. By creating even movement and space around the pelvis and even tension in the ligaments that attach your uterus to your pelvis, space is at its most optimal. Boy those ligaments stretch and change during pregnancy (you definitely feel it). Imagine your uterus is like a tent, if the guide ropes (ligaments) are pulled too taut in one place the tension and torsion in your tent is clearly seen. Now imagine growing inside that tent….you get the idea! For more information and to find a qualified practitioner near you please visit www.icpa4kids.com.

I am now a few weeks into my 2nd trimester so wanted to just give you all an honest account of how things have been for me so far. Hopefully some of this will resonate with those of you who have already been there and got the t-shirt!

Families have been doing this the world over, but somehow when its your turn it feels like your crazy little secret, especially in the early stages. You spend your time wondering why the general public have no idea, why they can’t tell when your are on the bus, in the supermarket, on the train! Then because nobody else has any idea, you start to doubt the reality that soon you will be a mum!


Our Journey

I wonder whether our kids will find us embarrassing? Probably not!


Ben and I feel not only privileged to be having a family, but it also happened on our first try. 18 months ago we did have an unplanned pregnancy, which resulted in miscarriage, My GP called it a ‘chemical’ miscarriage because we were only about 4 weeks pregnant at the time.   We literally found out I was pregnant as I miscarried. My logical brain new it was the right thing, the baby was never going to be healthy and the body is amazing at detecting this, however emotionally it was tough.  The GP was quite matter of fact about it and honestly I left wondering where his empathy had gone, obviously not his strength, unlike a few of my GP friends, who are awesome.  Don’t suffer alone, your friends and family would be mortified if they knew you were.  Steffy my longest childhood friend was so supportive, its good to talk. I love you Steffy.

This time round we again found out at 4 weeks, my cycle is like clockwork and the usual sensations were just not there. The first few weeks after finding out (and not really believing it) I was on tenterhooks waiting for the mother of all periods, as had happened previously! Once we got to about 7/8 weeks we both had settled into the idea of parenthood and told our families the wonderful news, oh and Steffy of course!


How have I been feeling?

So…..how have I been feeling? Tired is an understatement! I am always an early to bed girl, but 8pm takes the biscuit, this happened more than once. From about 6 weeks the tiredness was like no other. Women have described it to me many times, until you go through it, you just do not get it. I have new found respect and understanding to all mothers. The hardest part is your pregnancy is still not common knowledge. I do feel extremely lucky however, morning sickness did not really strike. I had a few weeks of feeling a little nauseous, ginger tea and crystallised ginger are amazing help, but that was it, please don’t hate me!

Wow my sense of smell, I feel like an X-man! Its truly incredible. Alcohol on someones breath is quite possibly the worst. I can tell if someone as just had a sip and it is foul. Like a noxious gas eating into me, this did not make Christmas and New Year that easy! Drunk people, yep very annoying! I may have used my triedness as an excuse once or twice, gone to bed and read a good book, rock ‘n’ roll!

You may start to feel odd sensations in your lower abdomen, I did. Feels like a pulling, very different from a period pain, this is just the uterus slowly growing. I expect more in the future. On odd days I have felt like someone has kicked me in the tailbone, it eases quickly with a few Cat/Cow exercises and walking about. Pilates is amazing alongside regular Chiropractic care as really makes me think about how I am holding myself. I can see my posture changing daily and standing bent over a bench at work is not ideal.



Please do not stop exercising! Giving birth is not a walk in the park, you need to be fit! During this first trimester I have kept up with walking regularly, circuits/weights twice a week, swimming and Pilates once a week. I usually do vinyasa flow yoga, which is dynamic, however advice is to avoid it during the first trimester, always discuss with your yoga teacher and let them know asap that you are carrying a miracle!

Finally my boobs! I cannot finish my blog about the first trimester without mentioning this! Wow, they grow and they are so tender! A few of my friends guessed early I was pregnant, however I managed to pass it off as the cut of my top!

Ben is a boob man, the other day he noticed they now defy gravity. They look great and he cannot go near them, not just because they are tender, but also I have absolutely zero sexual drive. The thought of him near me makes me feel protective and defensive, poor bloke, apparently I kick him in my sleep if he comes into ‘my zone’ (I believe this is about a mile radius!)

We had a 13 week scan, there is definitely a baby in there, we are going to be parents after all! Yes we both welled up a little, but oddly it still doesn’t feel real. I guess that will come when I can feel baby move!? For Ben it’s likely to be in July when the little one arrives.

For now I am enjoying my new found energy, the second trimester is going to be great, I can tell already!