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Move Well

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Your body is made up of many moveable parts. Your spine alone has over 200 sliding surfaces!

This fact alone suggests we are meant to move, yet many of us spend 8 hours a day in the same position, (more often than not staring at a computer screen) and we wonder why things start to ache or feel stiff.  We encourage clients to move every 20 minutes, incorporate spinal exercises as part of your care plan and offer advice on proper seating and desk setup

Movement not only prevents stiffness but also optimises bodily communication. Movement allows the flow of your nervous system, blood and lymphatic system and your respiratory system. Every time you breath it acts as a pump to move fluid around your body, as well as providing you cells with essential oxygen and ridding you of waste products.

Every time you move the corresponding area of your brain lights up, so the more you move the more your brain works! Exercise has been shown to reduce your chance of dementia (1) and increase IQ (2), so let’s get moving!

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