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What to expect

What to expect

Initial Consultation

This is an initial interview. Here we gain an understanding of your current health status and what outcomes you are hoping to achieve with Chiropractic Care. You will also have a Chiropractic examination at this time, so please wear comfortable clothes.

Sometimes we will need to see your back or knees, so we might ask you to undress, however this is not
always the case, very much dependent on your personal health concerns.

Findings and care plan
Following your consultation, a care plan will be devised specifically for you.  You will find out how Chiropractic Care can benefit you and understand the findings from your initial appointment. This is your chance to ask any questions you may have.  If you decide you would like Chiropractic Care, then you will also have your first adjustment on this visit. 

Initial Phase
In this phase of care your adjustments will be more frequent. We will work together to help reduce any health concerns you consulted us for, including reducing pain levels. We will also begin to improve the function of your joints, muscles and the related nerves, enabling your body to heal from the inside out.

Corrective Phase
Your adjustments will be less frequent. During this phase of care, you will be expected to start making a few lifestyle changes to help your body maintain optimal health, unless you have already done so! Don’t worry we won’t give you loads of homework, the advice we do give can help to improve your health long term, however only you can implement it!

Sometimes exercises will be recommended too and these aid in stabilising the body and reduce the chance of painful symptoms re-occurring.

Wellness Phase

Phew you got there, and your care plan so far has enabled your body to heal, from the inside out. You are on your way to optimal health and have worked hard to reach this point, so let’s keep it that way! Regular check-ups can help maintain ease from your musculoskeletal problems, together we will find the right frequency of care for your body.


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