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Coping with COVID-19


In light of the recent Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak, we realise it is important to keep appropriate perspective and balance the risk by taking measures to limit the spread and prtectc particularly vulnerable from infection withour inciting undue fear.

As always, your optimal health and wellness is our priority and is at the core of our mission.  Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is our primary concern.

COVID-19 is ever evolving and we will be following the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to keep you safe and encourage you to read their guidelines.

Chiropractic is a fully regultd health profession and our practice has robust infection control measures in place.


Continual cleaning of the floors, benches, door handles, children’s toys and other hard surfaces.  The benches are cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes between every client and the children’s toys are also cleaned between each use.  The headrest paper is changed between every client.

The clinic has a deep clean once a week.  Our Chiropractic assistants, Aldona and Debra also follow a daily clean of surfaces as well as checking and cleaning our facilities (toilet and baby change).

We have asked all our team members to remain vigiliant in keeping high standards of hygeine at all times.  We have also been asked our regulator to monitor the advice regularly issued to the public and healthcare professionals by Public Health England which we contiue to do so on a daily basis.

General Hygiene:

Antibacterial soap is available in the toilet, for staff and clients and in the kitchen for staff to use.  All our therapists are washing their hands and using hand sanitiser between every client.

Antibacterial hand sanitiser is available at reception and in the clinic rooms.  We ask that you please use it when you enter and exit the premises.

Water filter:

Water will still be available in clinic; however we ask you to provide your own water bottles.


Unfortunately, until further notice we will be unable to accept cash payments.  We have a card payment machine and can accept payments of £5 of more.


We are asking any staff who are unwell to stay at home, either of they have a cough and sore throat and/or a fever.  We ask the same of yourselves.  If you think you have any symptoms, please reschedule your appointment for over a week later.  We all need to help each other at this time and whilst having your adjustments is important, we at the clinic, see quite a large proportion of those in a more vulnerable category.

To reiterate, please reschedule your appointment if you:

  1. Recently visited any of the affected countries
  2. Are experiencing a cough or flu like symptoms.  Where possible please give us 24 hours notice so we can make arrangements.  (Whilst we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, we do not want you to attend clinic if you are experiencing symptoms).
  3. Our therapists and Chiropractic assistants will not enter the clinic should they develop a cough, sore throat or fever.  We have 3 chiropractors and 2 massage therapists.  One of the others will be available to cover care.  Should your therapist develop any symptoms shortly after seeing you, will endeavour to let you know so you can make suitable arrangements yourself.

We are a small business at the heart of the local community and your wellbeing is paramount to us.  We know just how important your regular adjustments and massages are, especially at times of stress.  We wanted to reassure you we are doing all we can to keep the clinic safe and open.

In the meantime we would also recommend focusing on good nutrition easting fresh fruit and vegetables and taking any recommended supplementation to help boost your immune system to fight any virus regardless of this recent outbreak.  Keep yourself active, ensuring you are well hydrated and access the news to gain information in relation to planning how to deal with changes in daily life.

We will send updates if the situation changes.

Thank you all for being wonderful chiropractic advocates.

Peacehaven Chiropractic

Helping you achieve optimal health and wellness