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Officially Full Time in Sussex

I have finally left London after over 8 years of working at Octagon Clinic www.octagonclinic.co.uk. What a place to leave, but what a place to move too! Being sandwiched between the South Downs and the sea is such a treat, today I have just returned from a gorgeous cycle ride up to Devils Dyke, where I practised some yoga before returning home full speed down the hill, exhilarating!

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View from Devils Dyke


I am looking forward to spending more time with my wonderful partner,(who is also a fantastic singer, so if anyone needs a great party band, just ask and I will point you in the right direction) more time outside doing the things I love, that’s anything cycling by the way, as well as working with families in the Sussex area to help promote health and well being, my biggest passion.




Rachel Ava

I have vast experience working with women during pregnancy and then with their precious newborns.  Babies absolutely love being checked and more often than not fall fast asleep.  I feel very privileged that so many women have chosen care with me over the years, its such an amazing feeling knowing that I have contributed to their positive birth experience in one way or another.

If you have any questions about pregnancy care and what we might be able to do for you please feel free to call or email us – Tel:01273 584 812  email: [email protected]

Rachel Hodson is Clinic Owner at Peacehaven Chiropractic and has over 10 years experience looking after entire families