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Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor

Doctor of Chiropractic

With a strong desire to find a profession that involved helping people that also incorporated a whole-person (holistic) approach, Helen discovered Chiropractic.

She felt that the profession offered the absolute best in optimising health and wellbeing, naturally. It is her belief that every ‘body’ has the capacity to function at its best and Helen’s aim is to help her clients achieve this by removing imbalance or dysfunction and allowing the body to heal itself.

With a specialist interest in pregnancy and paediatric care, Helen has spent many years undertaking additional training and learning how to look after these populations in the best way.

“I have witnessed women enjoy their pregnancy journey with chiropractic care and the impact of helping a new baby settle into the world is far reaching for the entire family, as well as the child’s life”.

Helen enjoys staying active, particularly yoga, walking in nature and taking advantage of living by the sea with swimming and paddle-boarding (summer only!).

“Chiropractic for me is not just my profession, it’s my lifestyle – a way to think, live and be”.

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