You are what you eat!

Your body can only be as healthy as the components you feed it with. Our bodies are constantly renewing themselves, it can only do this with sustenance. Every 7 years our body has completely regenerated from what it was 7 years previously.

Our bodies were created by mother nature, so our cells are made up of the same stuff that all of nature consists of. Logically it therefore makes sense to eat and drink only what mother nature has created. If you eat food as close to its natural state, your body will utilise it more effectively. I have never seen anything growing from the ground in a package!

Keep away from processed food as much as possible. This blog is to help you understand how food affects your health, how to make healthy choices and how easy it can be to change habits. You may find the odd recipe I love in here from time to time. Its easy to eat and drink well when you know how!

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Pancakes – YUM!

Pancakes – YUM!

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