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March 2018

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Ph.D. in Biomechanics Explains Importance of Segmental Motion and Chiropractic

McGill, S. Ph.D. Stability: From Biomechanical Concept to Chiropractic Practice. Journal of Canadian Chiropractic Association. 1999;43 (2)

QUOTE BOARD: “There is evidence that these muscles (intersegmental muscles) are highly rich in muscle spindles (at least four to seven times higher than multifidus). It would seem that these organs are not functioning to produce force given their minimal cross-sectional area but are, rather, position transducers for each lumbar joint enabling the motor control system to control overall lumbar posture and avoid injury.” Conclusion: “Nonetheless it appears that the chance of the motor control error which results in a short and temporary reduction in activation to one of the intersegmental muscles would cause rotation of just a single joint to a point where passive or other tissues become irritated or possible injured.” [This is segmental neuromuscular dysfunction (vertebral subluxation complex/joint dysfunction)]

Key Concepts:

Without proper segmental motion in your spinal segments the messages from the joint and muscle motion receptors get interrupted making it impossible for your brain to sense joint position and/or muscle length/tension. This “garbage in” creates errors in brain output (garbage out) called motor control errors. Your brain can only properly coordinate joint and muscle position and movement if proper signals from the joints and muscles get sent to the brain. Proper segmental motion is the key component for the delivery of proper joint and muscle signals.

Key Take Home Points:

Without proper segmental motion in your spine the messages between body and brain become diminished and/or distorted. Not only do the tissues become inflamed and begin to degenerate but the brain becomes less able to coordinate movement and motor control errors result which predisposes the tissues to injury. Chiropractic is so effective because it restores segmental motion and thus restores the proper communication between body and brain. This allows for better coordination of movement, the reduction of motor control errors, and less susceptibility to injury. A healthy spine requires proper segmental motion. Chiropractors are the world’s leading experts in detecting and correcting areas of segmental neuromuscular dysfunction and this is why chiropractic is so effective for spinal health.

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Having good posture not only helps with keeping you injury-free, it also makes you looks taller and slimmer and gives you more energy! What’s not to love about that?!

Posture defined is the relative position of all of our body parts.  Each joint has an optimal position and range of motion.  In this position our joints are exposed to the least amount of wear and tear and the most efficient use of energy.

Examples of good and poor posture

image from

When we are out of alignment (poor posture) wear and tear and the cost in terms of energy are increased, not only to maintain this posture, but also to make every move.  We are therefore more likely to sustain an injury.  Poor posture is exactly why so many of us experience musculoskeletal pain – otherwise known as CHRONIC POOR POSTURE.

When do we first start developing our posture:

It all starts before we are even born! Nature is amazing. It is so important for mothers to look after their spinal health and remain active, because it helps their babies core muscles develop and provides them with optimal space for foetal development.  At Peacehaven Chiropractic Rachel is experienced working with pregnancy and with children.  Chiropractic care can help keep your pelvis aligned and moving eveningly side to side.  Your uterus sits in your pelvis.

Babies are born with a set of primitive reflexes; these help them as they pass through the birth canal.  Think of them as our original blueprint.  As we grown, postural relflexes lay over the top and dampen down our primitive reflexes.  These postural reflexes form the framework within all our systems operate effectively.  The tranistiion from primitive to posural does not happen at a set time, but is gradual, often both reflexes existing together.  The postural reflexes help to shape our spinal health, posture, movement and stability (1).

When babies lay on their fronts, by 6 weeks they should be able to lift their head in line with thier body and by 12 weeks maintain it there for several minutes; this helps the curvature of the neck and determines the development of the muscles that support the head (1).

At approximately 16 weeks we begin to use our arms to push our chest off the floor. eventually raising ourselves up onto our knees and rolling over (6 months) (1), this helps create our low back, lumbar, curve and imorove muscular strength.  Crawling is paramount as it helps to develop an even pattern of movement across the pelvis and again improve our core strength, providing support for the lower back.  These early stages are very imprortant and if a child misses any one of these steps problems can develop in the future.

Children tend to use their bodies functionally, therefore do not often feel musculoskeletal pain, however once we become a teenager we become more self aware and our posture can suffer.  Teenage girls are notorious for standing with rounded shoulders to hide their developing breasts and if tall may stoop to become in line with their peers.  Carrying heavy bags, often on one shoulder and spending far too long on computers, phones and tablets is definitely taking its toll!

We have all seen this!

What determines our posture?

The relative length-tension relationship between muscles is largely responsible for our posture.  These muscles are controlled by our brain, via the spinal cord.  Joints have 2 sets of muscles on opposite sides, if one side is long and weak, the other will be short and weak (tight).  This affects the position of the joint and its full potential movement.

A good example is our hip flexors and bottoms! Many of us sit for long periods in the day, so the hip flexors shorten and the gluteals become weakened.  The result, your pelvis pulls forwards resulting in an increased lumbar lordosis (curve) and if one side is tigher than the other we end up with a torsion in the pelvis.  The hip joint, knee and ankle therefore are no longer in optimal position and this affects leg range of motion.  Without correction this can lead to injury.

Poor posture can also have a knock-on effect on the rest of the body, not just our musculoskeletal system (everything is connected afterall!)  If you slouch, your ribcage will drop forwards restricting your diaphragm and therefore your breathing.  It also means your stomach is squashed and so can give symptoms of indigestion/reflux.  It will restrict blood flow to the organs including the uterus, so painful periods can result and impaired bowel digestion, thus symptoms of IBS.

Circulation and nerve signalling from the brain can also become compressed (especially with a forward head posture) which can result in headaches, migraines and numbness in the legs and arms.

How can I help myself?

We can all do a ceratin amouont of assessment by just looking in the mirror, or if you feel brave have someone take photos of you front, back and side view.  Use the guide picture at the top of this article to help yiou.  If you just think about stnding and sitting tall you are already halfway there!  The more you remind youorself the easier it becomes, new habits take time to form, old one die hard!

Stretching a sterenthening exercises can be very helpful; however specific ones depend on your postural weakness.  Most people will benefit from doing a head to toe stretching and movement programme which focuses on getting the whole body active.  The Straighten Up UK (SUUK) exercises developed by British Chiropractic Association are a great starting point.  We also have free leaflets in clinic that show this routine.

Can exercise make my posture worse?

Some exercises can, yes! Although many people are tols that poor posture is a result of adbominal weakness, doing repeated sit-ups actually strengthens the muscles that cause you to slouch! Your deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles are much more important to work on, however underused muscles are hrd to wake up!  Pilates, initially 1-2-1 classes are super helpful in achieving this.

Most importantly is to focus on how you sit and stand, once you are aware of how to do this well, Yoga and Pilates are great, these focus on your postual stabilising muscles.  Any other exercise that challenges your balance such as free weights and stability ball exercises are also great.  Of course always discuss with a fitness professional, your doctor or chiropractor before you commence if you have any concerns.

Will I achieve perfect posture?

This is unlikely! You posture has developed over years, however you can always improve it.  Our environment and how we use our bodies daily have a huge impact.  The important thing is to maintain mobility and be aware of when you are not holding yourself optimally.


1) Goddard, S.  Reflexes. Learning and Behaviour; a window into the Child’s Mind.  fern Ridge Press, 2002.

2) Liao, M.H. and Drury, C.G., Posture, discomfort and performance in a VDT task. 2000, Ergonomics, 43(3); 345-359.

3) Sauter, S.L., Schleifer, L.M. and Knutson, S.J.,  Work posture, workstation design and musculoskeletal discomfort in a DT data entry task.  1991, Hum Factors, 33(2); 151-167.

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My Pregnancy Weeks 13-17- Back Pain!

I am now well into my second trimester so thought it was a good time to update everyone on my progress.

I feel fabulous! Wonder woman can move aside as I am unstoppable! Now it is possible this is just because I have got over the initial fatigue of early pregnancy and the feeling I had been run over by a bus.  I am probably just back to my normal pre-pregnancy energy levels, however compared to the first trimester I feel incredible. Whatever the reason for it, I am not complaining!

Sex drive

This has returned!  Once you enter the 2nd trimester the blood flow to the pelvic region increases dramatically, which means so does your sensitivity.  Good news for your sex drive, bad news for waxing!  I think I need say no more on this matter!

Low back/pelvic pain

I know it might sound shocking, but yes I,  A CHIROPRACTOR,  have had some lower back pain/coccyx pain!  It teaches me valuable lessons, not only to listen to my body, but also in understanding my patients bodies.  I now have even more empathy!

It is very common to experience this during pregnancy.  For me it began at 13-14 weeks, this is the time we get a surge in the hormone relaxin.  Relaxin is a wonderful hormone, which increases the motion in your pelvis, allowing your uterus to expand.  It’s paramount in the birthing process, enabling your sacrum (tailbone) to move out of the way when you give birth.  This is why laying on your back during labour is counter productive, it reduces the diameter of your birth canal and believe me you do not want that.  I will talk more about labour postures when I get closer to the end of my pregnancy.

My pain has made me feel like I have been kicked in the butt by a horse.  At its worst it lasted 2 weeks, now it is more intermittent.  Since we have been telling everyone our wonderful news, people want to give up their chairs for the pregnant lady.  I do have to politely decline, sitting for more than 5 minutes makes things 20x worse!

Main reasons for low back/pelvic pain in pregnancy:

  1. Hormonal changes: your joints are becoming more flexible to allow for your baby to grow and then the birthing process to take place.  This does put more stress on your joints, any imbalances you may previously have had now come to the fore.
  2. Posture: This links in with your hormonal changes and previous postural imbalances.  As your baby and boobs grow you suddenly have more weight pulling you forwards and this can really impact how your body feels.
  3. Exercise:  You need to get the right balance. You must keep moving, don’t be afraid to move because doing nothing leads to weakened muscle so less support around the pelvis.  Yoga is a wonderful at strengthening, however you are more flexible so must hold back on postures.  High impact exercise can also irritate your symptoms, if you didn’t do it before you fell pregnant now is not the time to start. Swimming is a wonderful gentle all over body work out, I highly reccomend this.  It is so important to maintain your fitness (giving birth is not a walk in the park, more like a marathon!) Listen to your body and do what feels good.

Chiropractic Care for Low back/pelvis pain:

If your pelvis is out of alignment you are much more likely to experience low back/pelvic pain.  I am adjusted reguarly, but the nature of my work and also past injuries does mean my posture is not perfect (gasp!) This definitely impacts how my pelvis is adapting in pregnancy.  If I was not adjusted regualrly I can only imagine things would have lasted a whole lot longer!

If you are experiencing these kind of symptoms, get in touch.  We can help with the pain and also advise you appropriately how to manage these symptoms.

The first thing that it really important for you to know is IT WILL GET BETTER.  About 80% of women expereince some low back/pelvic pain in pregnancy.  You can feel it across the low back at the junction between the lumbar spine and sacrum. In either sacro-iliac joint anywhere along its length or in the pubic symphysis.  The pain you experience maybe localised to one spot, or if you are lucky like me, it may radiate.

I experience pain along my left sacro-iliac joint which refers into my left bottom and posterior left thigh.  I would describe it as a constant dull ache that intensifes on sitting.  Thankfully I know just what to do to

1) Help myself

Gentle exercise, including walking, yoga, swimming and pilates.  Gym ball exercises (vlog to come showing you how to do these).  Gentle massage with a tennis ball into my gluteals and very gentle hip flexor stretches.

2) Seek care from a qualified professional (thank you Michele!)

First scan

The scan letter requested I have a full bladder for this appointment and I dutifully obliged.  I was busting when we arrived, only to have to wait another 15 minutes for the appointment! As soon as the sonographer popped the ultrasound wand on my belly I was informed my bladder was too full and could I go and have a 10 second wee! Do you know how hard that is!?
Anyway job done and we were finally able to see our little baby.  What a relief to know there was a baby actually there and everything was looking just perfect.  We are so pleased and looking forward to the year ahead knowing this little bundle of joy will be joining us sometime in the summer.
Our greedy bean at 13 weeks (this nickname has stuck after the incredible fatigue in the first trimester! You can thank your father!)
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Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Healthly Chocolate Mousse

Marijana Dragojevic is a local Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and also happens to be absolutely amazing in the kitchen.  She has kindly shared her healthly chocolate mousse with us.  The beauty about this recipe is it is so easy to make and its healthly.  That’s definitely something to smile about!

Thank you Marijana!


1.5 cup soft pitted dates ( soaked overnight)
1/5 cup filtered water
2 ripe avocados
3 tbsp of raw cacao
1tbsp of coconut oil


Put the dates in the blender with half of the water. Add water gradually ( you don’t want to much water). Add avocado, cacao and coconut oil and mix until smooth. Put it in the serving dishes and refrigerate for couple of hours.

Marijana Dragojevic works primarily with people who would like to lose weight, she does this using Emotional Freedom Technique.  Goodbye dieting!  The first session is offered free of charge, so together you can decide if it is right for you.  For more information please visit her website

Love, Health and Happiness

Health, Love and Happiness begin with you!

This month our clinic theme is love, health and happiness, as its February and all! These 3 things are all completely in your control and all inter-related.  No one else has the capacity to control these things, only you!

The way you respond to what’s around you is choice.  We all have negative reactions sometimes,  the key is to notice them and then tell yourself something positive.  My biggest bug bear is aggressive drivers, especially those who tailgate and speed.  Sometimes I get irritated with them and upset with the injustice of their behaviour.  Other times I just notice them and consciously decide to keep smiling, when they find a safe place to overtake they can.  The more I practice the latter, the more it has started to become a habit and the happier my days are!

Be Grateful

Be grateful for life everyday, remember the small things.  Our brains are wired to seek the negative, it is a form of protection.   A good example is dog mess, we learn to look out for it and not stand in it.  Now it is law to pick up your dogs doings, however instead of us appreciating and being grateful for the lovely clear pavements we have the majority of the time, we instead moan when we see mess!

A good practice to get into is picking 5 things that happened in the day you are grateful for.  Either write them down or say them out loud to yourself every evening.  The positive mind set this leaves you it will make you feel great.  The small things that erk you really are just small and insignificant so do not warrent any energy spent.


Surround yourself with friends and family.  Be picky about who you spend time with.  Choose people that energise and support you.  If you find someone a constant drain perhaps it is time to consider whether you need them in your life.  Sometimes it can be hard to let people go, however in the long run you will be thanking yourself for it.

If something is on your mind, don’t let it fester.  Talk to your loved ones about it, they love you and will support you.  Sometimes it may even been an issue you are having in your relationship with them, if you do not communicate with them, they will never know.  Try and find ways to speak to your loved ones without blame.  A good way to do this is to talk about your feelings and how sometimes they make your feel a certain way.  Communication is the key to a happy relationship.

Nutrition and Water

If you look after your body, it will look after you.  Your body and all its components are only as good as the food you feed them.  Food can be the greatest medicine or the slowest posion! We are made from nature and therefore our body needs food from nature.  I have never seen a packet of biscuits growing from a tree, have you!?

Try and eat more than 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily and regularly drink water.  Not only will your skin glow, your bowel movements will improve and your overall energy will pick up.  Providing good healthly food shows your body you love yourself.  You deserve it.

When your overall health improves, instantly it makes you feel more positive and your sense of wellbeing increases.

Saying all that, moderation is key! If you deny yourself all the little pleasures in life, then all you will do is crave them. If you want some chocolate, have it and feel good about it, no guilt.   Enjoy it and remind yourself that this was my choice today and I loved it!


Get outside amongst nature.  I always feel absolutely fabulous when I have spent time outside.  Just feeling the breeze (wind if you are in Peacehaven) on your skin makes you feel alive!  Yes its cold at the moment, all these sensations are amazing and we should feel grateful to be able to experience them.  For me going for a brisk walk 20 minute walk along the coast or in the woods rejunvinates me.  I take the time to let my senses take everything in, from the sound of the waves crashing and birds tweeting to the smells in the air.


Get 30 minutes daily.  Exercise improves blood flow and nerve flow.  When everything is moving your brain is active, firing and strengthening.  Exercise has been shown to releases cannabinoid type molecules into the bloodstream, these give you an instant high! No wonder exercise makes you feel great!  The article below is a study that details some of the reasearch done in this area.  If you like a complex read then this can explain a little further.

Find your Passion

This doesn’t have to be your job.  Luckily for me mine is, however for my partner it is music, not just any music mind.  He loves anything with skilled muscians (so modern day pop is out, sorry Taylor Swift) and is constantly writing lyrics himself and learning new instruments.  He is never happier than when he has accomplished a new riff!

Whatever yours might be, prioritise it, the dishes can wait (unless its your turn darling!)

Finally with the growing awareness of mental illness and understanding how to support someone, scientists are trying to discover the secret to happiness.  The link below is to a short survey.  If you have the time please do take part.

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THE FIRST TRIMESTER – my pregnancy

After spending 10 years working with pregnant women and their babies it is finally my turn to be the other side of this relationship. Dr Michele Omen will be looking after me during my pregnancy and I am really looking forward to someone nurturing my baby and I.


Websters Technique

Chiropractors use several techniques during pregnancy, one of the most well known being Websters. By creating even movement and space around the pelvis and even tension in the ligaments that attach your uterus to your pelvis, space is at its most optimal. Boy those ligaments stretch and change during pregnancy (you definitely feel it). Imagine your uterus is like a tent, if the guide ropes (ligaments) are pulled too taut in one place the tension and torsion in your tent is clearly seen. Now imagine growing inside that tent….you get the idea! For more information and to find a qualified practitioner near you please visit

I am now a few weeks into my 2nd trimester so wanted to just give you all an honest account of how things have been for me so far. Hopefully some of this will resonate with those of you who have already been there and got the t-shirt!

Families have been doing this the world over, but somehow when its your turn it feels like your crazy little secret, especially in the early stages. You spend your time wondering why the general public have no idea, why they can’t tell when your are on the bus, in the supermarket, on the train! Then because nobody else has any idea, you start to doubt the reality that soon you will be a mum!


Our Journey

I wonder whether our kids will find us embarrassing? Probably not!


Ben and I feel not only privileged to be having a family, but it also happened on our first try. 18 months ago we did have an unplanned pregnancy, which resulted in miscarriage, My GP called it a ‘chemical’ miscarriage because we were only about 4 weeks pregnant at the time.   We literally found out I was pregnant as I miscarried. My logical brain new it was the right thing, the baby was never going to be healthy and the body is amazing at detecting this, however emotionally it was tough.  The GP was quite matter of fact about it and honestly I left wondering where his empathy had gone, obviously not his strength, unlike a few of my GP friends, who are awesome.  Don’t suffer alone, your friends and family would be mortified if they knew you were.  Steffy my longest childhood friend was so supportive, its good to talk. I love you Steffy.

This time round we again found out at 4 weeks, my cycle is like clockwork and the usual sensations were just not there. The first few weeks after finding out (and not really believing it) I was on tenterhooks waiting for the mother of all periods, as had happened previously! Once we got to about 7/8 weeks we both had settled into the idea of parenthood and told our families the wonderful news, oh and Steffy of course!


How have I been feeling?

So… have I been feeling? Tired is an understatement! I am always an early to bed girl, but 8pm takes the biscuit, this happened more than once. From about 6 weeks the tiredness was like no other. Women have described it to me many times, until you go through it, you just do not get it. I have new found respect and understanding to all mothers. The hardest part is your pregnancy is still not common knowledge. I do feel extremely lucky however, morning sickness did not really strike. I had a few weeks of feeling a little nauseous, ginger tea and crystallised ginger are amazing help, but that was it, please don’t hate me!

Wow my sense of smell, I feel like an X-man! Its truly incredible. Alcohol on someones breath is quite possibly the worst. I can tell if someone as just had a sip and it is foul. Like a noxious gas eating into me, this did not make Christmas and New Year that easy! Drunk people, yep very annoying! I may have used my triedness as an excuse once or twice, gone to bed and read a good book, rock ‘n’ roll!

You may start to feel odd sensations in your lower abdomen, I did. Feels like a pulling, very different from a period pain, this is just the uterus slowly growing. I expect more in the future. On odd days I have felt like someone has kicked me in the tailbone, it eases quickly with a few Cat/Cow exercises and walking about. Pilates is amazing alongside regular Chiropractic care as really makes me think about how I am holding myself. I can see my posture changing daily and standing bent over a bench at work is not ideal.



Please do not stop exercising! Giving birth is not a walk in the park, you need to be fit! During this first trimester I have kept up with walking regularly, circuits/weights twice a week, swimming and Pilates once a week. I usually do vinyasa flow yoga, which is dynamic, however advice is to avoid it during the first trimester, always discuss with your yoga teacher and let them know asap that you are carrying a miracle!

Finally my boobs! I cannot finish my blog about the first trimester without mentioning this! Wow, they grow and they are so tender! A few of my friends guessed early I was pregnant, however I managed to pass it off as the cut of my top!

Ben is a boob man, the other day he noticed they now defy gravity. They look great and he cannot go near them, not just because they are tender, but also I have absolutely zero sexual drive. The thought of him near me makes me feel protective and defensive, poor bloke, apparently I kick him in my sleep if he comes into ‘my zone’ (I believe this is about a mile radius!)

We had a 13 week scan, there is definitely a baby in there, we are going to be parents after all! Yes we both welled up a little, but oddly it still doesn’t feel real. I guess that will come when I can feel baby move!? For Ben it’s likely to be in July when the little one arrives.

For now I am enjoying my new found energy, the second trimester is going to be great, I can tell already!


Officially Full Time in Sussex

I have finally left London after over 8 years of working at Octagon Clinic What a place to leave, but what a place to move too! Being sandwiched between the South Downs and the sea is such a treat, today I have just returned from a gorgeous cycle ride up to Devils Dyke, where I practised some yoga before returning home full speed down the hill, exhilarating!

the downs 003

View from Devils Dyke


I am looking forward to spending more time with my wonderful partner,(who is also a fantastic singer, so if anyone needs a great party band, just ask and I will point you in the right direction) more time outside doing the things I love, that’s anything cycling by the way, as well as working with families in the Sussex area to help promote health and well being, my biggest passion.




Rachel Ava

I have vast experience working with women during pregnancy and then with their precious newborns.  Babies absolutely love being checked and more often than not fall fast asleep.  I feel very privileged that so many women have chosen care with me over the years, its such an amazing feeling knowing that I have contributed to their positive birth experience in one way or another.

If you have any questions about pregnancy care and what we might be able to do for you please feel free to call or email us – Tel:01273 584 812  email: [email protected]

Rachel Hodson is Clinic Owner at Peacehaven Chiropractic and has over 10 years experience looking after entire families


There is so much information out there, its often hard to know what to do.  ‘They’ say you should eat this, then the next week minds have changed and its a definite no! More recently this argument has surrounded the consumption of alcohol.  The safest advice is to abstain completely and the department of health recommends this, but if you do opt to drink 1-2 units once to twice a week is the limit.

In terms of food, the best advice is to eat as clean as possible, by this I mean eat foods as close as possible to their natural state.  If its in a package and the ingredient list is as long as your arm, chances are its not that good for you, therefore not good for your growing baby either!

It is now known that a mother’s diet during pregnancy can not only affect the outcome of the pregnancy but also impact on the long-term health of child.  For example, if a mother has a low calorie or low protein diet when pregnant the child has an increased chance of obesity in later life.



These contain essential vitamins, minerals and fibre vital for yours and your developing babies growth.  Choose a variety that can be raw, steamed, roasted, dried or juiced.

Essential Fats (1 portion a day)
Essential fats help form your baby’s brain and nervous system
1 handful a day of seeds and nuts 2 portions (6oz) oily fish a week.  Choose from salmon, trout, tuna and sardines.


How to get your 60 – 70g of protein a day• 1 egg = 7g of protein
• 25g of seeds = 5-7g protein
• 1 chicken breast = 30g protein
• 1 fish fillet = 22g protein
• 1 tbsp hummus = 2g protein• Beans = 8g per half cup

Protein is vital for a babies growth and development and it also contains iron and vitamins. Eating foods rich in vitamin C, such as kiwis and oranges will aid the absorption of iron.


These contain calcium and vitamin D and are needed for healthy bones and teeth.  Green leafy vegetables are also another source of calcium and vitamin D.  Milk is considered a good source of calcium, however if allergic or intolerant to other alternatives to cow’s milk are pasteurised goats, sheep’s milk products or rice milk or oat milk.   Excess soy products when pregnant is not advisable as it can interfere with the babies own hormones


Bread, cereals, oats, rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, buckwheat & barely etc give you energy as well as minerals and vitamins.  Choose something from this group at every meal. Wholemeal is most advisable.


Try to eat these as little as possible.  When you do, just have small amounts.  They contain empty calories with no benefit to you or your baby


You need an extra 300 calories a day when pregnant and 500 for breast-feeding. Pregnancy is not the time to cut back on food!  Enjoy a wide range of food – but don’t overeat.  Recent studies have shown that if a mother has restricted calories during pregnancy the child is more likely to overweight in later life and that overeating in pregnancy may increase the chances of your child developing insulin resistance (the pre-cursor to diabetes)


Mercury-High Fish – Certain types of fish that are very high in mercury, which is a dangerous chemical for foetuses. The main fish to avoid are swordfish, mackerel, and shark. The FSA recommends no more than 4 medium sized cans tuna each week for the same reason

Alcohol and Caffeine – These rob nutrients needed for you developing child.  Don’t forget caffeine is in chocolate and cola drinks.  No more than 1-2 units of alcohol a week is recommended

Raw Fish, Shellfish and Sushi – Raw meat such as sushi, seafood, rare or uncooked beef, or poultry because of the risk of contamination with coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella.

Undercooked or Raw Eggs – Raw eggs, or foods containing raw egg such as Caesar dressing, mayonnaise, home made ice cream or custard, unpasteurized eggnog, or Hollandaise sauce because raw eggs may be contaminated with salmonella.  Bought mayo is ok.

Unpasteurized Milk and Juice – This goes right along with the raw eggs and raw meat topics. Milk is an animal product and unless it is pasteurised, it can have a lot of bacteria in it. Juice is full of sugar and is a rich breeding ground for bacteria as well. Be sure both are pasteurised.

Herbs – There are many herbs that are very dangerous to your pregnancy. Never assume that a herb is safe until you talk to your doctor about it. This goes for herbal teas, herbal pills and other tonics.

Soft Cheese – Soft cheese such as blue cheese, feta, Brie, Camembert, and Latin American soft white cheeses such as queso blanco and queso fresco because they may harbour harmful bacteria.

Green Potatoes and Deli Meats  – Potatoes, which have, green patches; this indicates a concentration of Solanin, which is poisonous and can cause damage to the baby.  Deli meats and tinned meats – contain high amounts of nitrates and can be cancerous.  Wash all prepared salads.

Liver and pates – These are high in vitamin A – excess can cause damage to your foetus

Change Unhealthy Habits

There are three things that have to happen to successfully change a habit. The first is that you must make the decision to change. When you make a decision, you are affirming to yourself that you are willing to go to any lengths to make your wishes come true. This means that you will need to completely eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. When you say “I’ll try to do my exercises,” you are leaving an open door to not doing them. Then in your mind, if you don’t do your exercises, that’s okay because you only said you would “try” to do them. If you want to successfully change your habits to live a healthier life, you cannot leave an open door to your old habits. You need to just do it, just make a decision and not look back.

The second thing is to act “as if.” Whenever you change what you are doing, it will feel unnatural. It may feel like you are doing something wrong, funny, or something that is just not you. In a way you are right. When you change a habit, you are by definition acting in a way that is ‘just not you.’ But in a very short time, it will feel normal and it will seem strange that you ever acted any different. Changing habits is like starting a new job, the first couple of weeks are stressful and disorienting, but if you just hang in there, you will feel at home before you know it.

The third is to work on yourself every day. The highest demonstration of a healthy and growing self-image and self-esteem is the commitment to work on yourself each and every day. You experience an elevated consciousness when you realise your power to step up to your greatness or default to your weakness with every challenge, distraction and decision. Working on yourself with consistency and persistence connects you to your inner wisdom and inner strength to become unstoppable.

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Spring is Coming!

That time of year is just around the corner. The daffodils will be in full bloom before we know it and many of us will be out in the garden weeding, pruning and potting getting ready for the summer ahead. After a period of relative inactivity this is the time that many of us overdo it and end up with various springtime niggles. We give all our attention to the garden and none to our own bodies. Remember you only have 1 body, it’s the only place you get to live!

Gardening isn’t exactly an extreme sport, but because of that we are less mindful about what we are doing.
Think about your posture when you are out there digging in the wilderness! The same rules that apply to lifting also apply in the garden. Keep you back upright, no stooping and if you do need to pick something up, no twisting, turn your whole body towards it, including your feet! Bend from your hips, not your waist.

If you are unfortunate to suffer with hay fever, aka allergic rhinitis, you will definitely know when spring has sprung. Dry itchy eyes, runny nose and blocked sinuses? Although the body of conclusive research is minimal for treating hay fever with alternative therapies, some people do have results with Acupuncture and Cranial therapies. These therapies tend to look at the overall health of the individual and take into account not just the current situation, but factors that maybe predisposing someone to the problem. Generally it it thought that commencing treatment before it (if seasonal) begins, can help reduce the severity of the symptoms, so now is the time to start!  If you would like to be referred to someone local, call, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Aching and stiff from spring cleaning, massage can help, whether it is a deep tissue massage, Thai massage or a movement practice such as Thai Chi or yoga. Overdone the gardening, pulled something, be honest, were you mindful about your posture? Chiropractic care could be what you need.

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