Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Pregnant? When to see your Chiropractor?

In my opinion, pregnancy is one of the most important times to get adjusted. A pregnant woman’s body is about to spend the next nine months growing a baby; there are postural changes associated with growing bump, hormone changes that ‘loosen’ off ligaments (which can lead to pelvic instability) as well as a host of muscles that must work harder to offset the ligament laxity. Chiropractic care focuses on checking the pelvis and sacrum to help restore balance and neuro-biomechanical function to the pelvis.

Women often see a chiro in the last few weeks of pregnancy to ‘ensure that their body is in a good position’. While it’s great to get checked before birth, it is important to remember that your body has been through nine months of changes and compensatory patterns that are not likely to disappear overnight.

I recommend care throughout pregnancy as it means that we can support you and the changes that your body undergoes as they happen, and allow you to be more comfortable and give more room for baby. It also means we can address any compensations that may have occurred before pregnancy (previous injury, poor posture, desk work etc.) and give you advice on how to avoid unnecessary stressors.

I have been having chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy and I have had no back pains. I feel baby has more room to move after my adjustments each week.  I am so pleased that my baby is in a great position and ready for labour.


Rachel Hodson checking a gorgeous pregnant mummy

Acupuncture and Pregnancy

I began having acupuncture during the early stages of my pregnancy to help with morning sickness and tiredness. I had about 10 sessions which started weekly and then spread out as I started to improve.

Morning sickness is often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and is one of the most common complaints during the first trimester. It can also continue throughout a pregnancy. And it doesn’t have to just happen in the mornings! I personally had bad morning sickness at night-time too and worsened with tiredness.

In Chinese medicine, morning sickness is often seen as an imbalance between the liver and the stomach/spleen or from the accumulation of too much heat in the stomach. I was advised to eat warm foods and to eat earlier in the day.

As well as acupuncture; there is a wide selection of wrist bands/accessories designed to reduce nausea by pressing on acupuncture points. These can be very beneficial adjuncts to treatment, however I didn’t feel these helped as much as actually having the acupuncture sessions.

Written by Carran Lefever, March 2021

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